April 2019
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The room of the young traveler

Project description

The idea of ​​design: "Journey is always in the heart."

The embodiment of the design concept:

Traveling is always fun!
The idea was to reproduce a pleasant impression about the trip, because customers were asked to decorate the free wall with an image of the pyramids.
They will provide room warmth combined with a rather dark texture of the furniture.

The room is designed for a young man, therefore it must be at the same time light, modern and with rather noticeable color accents.
Accents elected red and blue hues.

The request from the future owner was to combine the balcony area and the main room into one, and place a large desktop near the spacious window for learning and playing.
In order for the worktop to move to the window sill, it was proposed to perform an additional 2 steps.

Materials used in the interior:

The walls are painted with “CAPAROL” paint.
The wall at the bed was decorated with the image of pyramids, made of decorative plaster, with an imitation of brick.
The background with pyramids is a color stretching from blue to light shade, imitating the sun's rays, which are formed from the LED strip, which is hidden in the niche of the existing brick speeches.

Bed "Nevada" from "LIVS" on the mattress 1800x2000mm.
On the floor there is a dark carpet and a dark plinth that continues from the corridor.
Cabinet furniture will be made to order.

Accent lights in red from "LIS".

Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty

Many variants of a child's room were developed, but the final version is quite interesting and extraordinary.
In such a room there will always be a desire to discover interesting places for yourself, never stay in one place, travel and travel again ...