March 2019
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Modern princesses also love pink.

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Project description

Design idea:
"Fresh spring fuchsia"

Children's room is like a personal home for each child, which should have a unique atmosphere.
There are a lot of ideas for realization: from the usual bedroom to the fabulous fortresses and airships.
The main purpose of creating a design concept was to instill in the little mistress of this spacious room a love of gymnastics, study and creativity.
A room has been designed with a large desktop on which there is a place for beauty guidance.
Near the table is a board of creativity which will be for the girl a trainer of the mind, logic and ingenuity.
In the area for games is a folding sofa and a table for tea.
By the sofa is a wall bars, will allow to enjoy the useful activities.
In addition, with the help of the Swedish wall, the child will be able to accustom himself to sports activities since childhood.
The project had two projecting columns on the right wall that did not look symmetrical; it was the decision to create a third column for beautiful composition and harmony of forms.
So we created two rectangular arches.
Decorating these niches with pink color and LED lighting, we highlight the main gaming areas.

Basic materials:
Lighting - spotlights MAYTONI 99124, sconce TK Lighting 2625 SPEKTRO WHITE.
As the wall decoration - decorative plaster.
The flooring is laminate Kaindl Easy Touch Premium Oak Casa O780.
Furniture - sofa BLANCHE SKY.
Doors - TM "Papa Carlo" PLATO-05 Silk Silver.

Designer's feedback:
The room turned out to be comfortable and ergonomic, the project is filled with stylish ideas, quality, softness and a warm atmosphere.
I hope for a quick and high-quality implementation of the project.