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Entrance hall design

Entrance hall design

Design of the interior space has different  significancy depending on the location of the house and its destination: entrance hall design  is usually paid more attention than the corridor design, because this is the place where guests will get a first impression of your home. And you spend here more time than in the walk-through zone of the interior corridors.

If it goes about a more or less large hall, then it can generally be designed as a separate room, albeit a walk-through one.

Stylistically inter-room space is associated with the main room of the house or apartment - a living room. Moreover, the entrance to the living room is often not door closed, and, therefore, it forms virtually an integrated space with a corridor.

Corridors design


Entrance hall design  is mostly carried out with the use of practical finishing materials: tiles on the floor, decorative plaster on the walls. A durable wall covering will retain its look in the case of scratches, shocks, or friction, which is of particular relevance for corridors.

Lighting should be bright enough, but it is not recommendable to break it up into a large number of inclusion groups. Only one group of fixtures tends to be used in the entrance areas, and additional illumination risks to be unused in everyday life. That is why, the decorative light should be better combined into one inclusion group with a main one. Take care of the through switches so that, for example, the light on the one side of the corridor could be switched off from the other side of the corridor.

Entrance hall design in the apartment is complicated by small areas. Here it is often needed to find enough space for the cabinet, so that visually it gives space rather than takes it away. The task is complicated by the fact that the cabinet needs to be positioned so that the dirty area, where the residents walk booted, was not a walk-through one, for the dirt not to be carried around the apartment.

Entrance hall design
3D design

Corridor design in the apartment also has other piculiarities. One of them is the absence of a window and, consequently, direct sunlight. Therefore, if all rooms are closed, it is dark enough. It has its influence on the color palette, the use of materials, ideas for replanning and so on. For this reason, beautiful and convenient corridor decorating is not always an easy thing to do.

Corridor design

Entrance hall in the house also makes one to rack their brains because of more free space available and more places that require decoration.

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But, maybe, it is better to expand the corridor or get rid of it in favor of a living room? We will help you to answer these questions if you order an entrance hall design in our studio. Please contact us in any way convenient for you.