December 2016
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White lace in entrance hall design

Project description

Design idea: "White lace in the hallway" at home for a young family. The hallway created not only a warm, welcoming and at the same time functional atmosphere, but also set the tone for the design of the entire interior as a whole.

Design concept: When choosing the color of the walls for the hallway, a light neutral shade was used, which changes to darker tones, which, in turn, set the necessary accents and create a contrast with the base color. It was decided to use a glossy texture that allowed to visually expand the space of a small room, due to reflection from a shiny surface.

In order to add variety to the interior and break the feeling of monotony, reliefs in the form of openwork panels were used, which emphasize the sophistication of the entrance hall. This room has a natural light source. Therefore, a dark brown ceiling was used, which created a friendly, hospitable atmosphere right from the door.

Also, black pendant lamps were used to highlight the expressiveness of the ceiling. In the design project of the hallway, only functional furniture is used, such as: a spacious wardrobe, a soft seat for comfortable use during dressing. Convenient shelves for storing various small things of the owners of the house, extra cabinet for bags filled with food and drying umbrellas.

The main materials used in the interior: Moduloform openwork - PDA 29, glossy MDF facades, decorative plaster, Chandelier - POLAND 77960, Paradyz Hasel Ochra ceramic tile 160x985mm

Designer's review: Due to the bright colors in the room, the interior turned out to be very pleasant and cozy. Decorative openwork inserts add interesting design notes and decorate the interior.

Customers feedback

Станислав Г.
Нас, как клиентов, полностью все удовлетворило. Будем рекомендовать всем знакомым. Быстро, качественно и профессионально.