February 2019
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Rating: Diagonal in the design of the hallway 5.0 from 5. Rating : 2

Diagonal in the design of the hallway

Project description

Alluring lines at the entrance.
The design of the hallway was created for a young girl, whose taste was black and white.
Whatever interior hallway, which is considered a mirror of the whole apartment was not boring, we decided to dilute the light lines, and not only on the ceiling, but also on the wall.
With them, we achieved the desired result.
Got good lighting and an unusual bright accent.
White walls added space and freshness.
Contributed to the design and glossy doors.
Also added a mirror on the cabinet door, thanks to them, visually expanded the narrow hallway.

Floor Tiles: Mirabeau 60/60
Doors: diamante 3

Interior design in the Dnipropetrovsk region

Designers feedback

Designer  Юлия Байдак
Юлия Байдак
Despite the black and white color scheme, the design did not turn out dull and gray. Beat the lighting, so added zest to the room.