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December 2018
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Compact and practical dressing room design

Project description

design idea

“Compact and practical”

design concept and the main materials used in the interior.

The room was equipped according to previously agreed planning decisions.
To the left of the entrance there was a trempel-lift for long things, a trempel for short things, a pull-out shelf for trousers, a shelf for things.
They tried to make the most of the corner section, placing two trempels with hangers there: for long and short things, leaving room for a vacuum cleaner.
Under the window there is a chest of drawers for shoes, and storage of small wardrobe items and accessories (underwear, socks, belts, jewelry, wallets).
To the right of the entrance was placed a compact rack for storing shoes with closed wardrobes and open shelves.
Hooks for bags, scarves, hats, etc. were placed on the wall.
In the corner to the right of the window used space for storing pillows, blankets.

All furniture is wooden, made to order.
The ceiling is white plasterboard, and the walls are painted light gray (Caparol paint, System 3D plus palette), the floor is a light laminate (Room company, Mercury walnut).
Spot lighting on the ceiling (MAYTONI model 99124).
All shelves and trempels are equipped with a white LED-backlit neutral glow.
To save space, a mirror was placed on the doors.

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Customers feedback

Людмила Ф.
Оригинально, качественно, быстро.Будем обращаться ещё