March 2014
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Long corridor design in the apartment

  • Visualization

Project description

Design concept. Making a deaf, long (more than 8 m) and monotonous corridor for many causes complexity. Therefore, the design of the corridor was used the method of "fragmentation", that is, the separation of walls and floor into fragments. Highlighting the area opposite the cabinet with dark-colored decorative plaster, the corridor is visually divided into 3 parts and loses its similarity with the tunnel. At the same time, the cabinet area, the entrance door to the living room (the main room of the apartment) and the division of the floor into dark tiles and light colored laminate, which also visually significantly expands the space, are indicated. The principle of combined lighting, combining the use of wall sconces, ceiling spots, spotlights and LED lighting makes the corridor "more energetic" and more interesting.

Other interiors of the hallways from the studio Interior-Idea.

Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina An entrance hall is, in a way, a visiting card of an apartment. This is the first room in which we find ourselves by entering the house. Despite the fact that here we spend little time, its importance is not less than the kitchen or living rooms of our apartment. The overall impression of the whole apartment depends on how much the guests like this room.