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December 2018
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Design of the vestibule in a private house

Project description

Idea of ​​design: "Functionality in cabinet furniture".

The embodiment of the design concept:

Place the furniture so that when entering the house there is a place for sitting, storage of clothes and shoes.
A soft place to sit comfortably, take off your shoes and take off your outerwear.

Materials used in the interior

The floor is NowA Gala tile “Frost White GRES FW-01” and a mosaic from the same collection that imitates a black and white tile carpet.
The walls are painted in a light gray color, eco-friendly paint from "CAPAROL".
The ceiling - white tension tone, the company «Labell».
Cabinet furniture will be made to order.
The furniture is painted in ash blue and white.
In the closet, in the center, she placed a soft place for sitting with blue upholstery, in tune with the cabinet furniture and under it left open space for shoes.
Each shelf is illuminated with a warm LED light strip.
In the sides of the entrance door - cabinets with sideboards, space for an intercom and with additional hooks for keys and umbrellas.

Hallway design is not as simple as it seems!

Customers feedback

Людмила Ф.
Оригинально, качественно, быстро.Будем обращаться ещё

Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty
With such a small area, they placed only what is needed for this room and as a result it turned out that everything you need is at hand.