April 2018
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The design of the veranda and corridor in a modern style.

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Project description

Idea of ​​design: "Pistachio shades".

The embodiment of the design concept: Selected gamma is a bleached shade of green, looks great in combination with gray tiles on the floor and wood grain texture. Intersperses of light green and blue add notes of freshness and purity.

Materials used in the interior: Cabinet furniture is made of veneered and painted MDF pistachio color. At the front door - a soft place to sit, console and a wardrobe. Opposite the doors is a wide and spacious wardrobe with sliding doors and a mirror sheet of rhombus. Curtains and tulle hid in a plasterboard niche.
Anteroom: the radiator was stitched with a MDF screen and decorated with a grille of the same X-shaped material, which echoes the tiles on the floor and the mirrors on the veranda. Above it, as the completion of the composition, beautiful flowers and a picture were placed, which gives the room naturalness. The walls of the rooms are decorated with a decorative beige-colored plaster.
Corridor: the walls are decorated with decorative plaster and light brick (or decorative plaster that will imitate brick). The walls are illuminated with a white neutral-color LED strip, which is hidden behind the "ORAC Dekor Modern C390 STEP" molding (100x60x2000 mm). This molding is painted in the tone of the wall, provides a corridor of completeness, lightness and airiness. For the decor added to the wall photo-pictures and family photos. Tile on the floor - "Castle Pino" (450 × 450 mm).

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Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty It was nice to plan the interior, because when you see the result of your work, you feel pleasure (although it does not always work the way it was originally planned). And what is most pleasing is that the client understands these difficulties, and we solve them together.