October 2018
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Hall with mirrors

Project description

In the corridor, the task was set to think up a place for outerwear and shoes.
Since the corridor is very narrow and of irregular shape, we decided to place the furniture structure in an existing niche.
In order to make the corridor interesting in shape and depth, we used facet mirrors.

Basic materials:
In the corridor on the walls decorative plaster gray.
On the floor tile "DUAL GRES VANGUARD WATERY GRAY" (450x450mm.).
Cabinet furniture made to order.

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Designers feedback

Designer  Darya Kuzmenko
Darya Kuzmenko Designer review. At first glance, a boring and long corridor. What can be placed here? By adding mirrors, the room took on a different shape, interesting and complex. And in the apartment for a young girl the mirror is an indispensable attribute of the interior.