March 2019
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Expanding space in the hallway

Project description

Design idea:
"The game of contrast and space."

The embodiment of the design concept:

Customers love the mirror with a facet, so we tried to recreate the unique beauty of these mirrors with contrasting accents in the interiors.
An interesting decision was when we placed them at a certain distance from each other, and behind them painted the wall in a dark brown color.
It turned out quite a vivid design of the wall.

Materials used in the interior:

The walls are decorated with a decorative plaster of a bright shade from "CAPAROL".
In the already existing entrance doors, a small, soft place for a colored upholstery seat and a suspended console was placed, then a small wardrobe.
The stairs are made of light wood, the steps themselves are covered with dark carpet and illuminated with mortise spotlights.
Under the stairs there may be a small, soft place for dogs or a storage cabinet for household items.
Between the door to the kitchen and the living room is a mirror with a facet and additional wall lamps from "ITALUX" located further down the stairs to the second floor.

Design of corridors and staircases in our portfolio

Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty
Stairs, stairs ... I love the interiors, where they are presented. This is an expensive and complex element in the manufacture, but it looks great in the interior.