January 2017
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Rating: Time beat in corridor design 4.8 from 5. Rating : 4

Time beat in corridor design

Project description

Idea of ​​design: Light retro touch in the atmosphere of a megacity

Design concept: Rational use of the hallway and corridor area. In order not to occupy a place in the bathroom, it was decided to place the washing and drying machine in the hallway, namely in the built-in closet near the entrance door. The color scheme is chosen the same as in the living room. New modern German wallpapers for the walls of Rasch Metal Spirit 2016 with collages and light retro patches of restrained colors were used. They are a special expression of the metropolis atmosphere and the rhythm of time.

Object address: Cherkasy

Designer's review: Non-standard location of the washing and drying machine in the apartment, helped to save as much space in the bathroom as possible and make rational use of the hall and corridor

Customers feedback

Сергей Б.
Очень понравилось, что цену можно узнать еще не обращаясь в агентство. Все пожелания были услышаны и дизайнеры добавили очень много интересных и практичных вещей.