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September 2018

Идея дизайна “Уют в доме - основа хорошего настроения” Концепция дизайна и…

Дизайн гостевой комнаты в синем цвете с деревом
March 2018

Адрес объекта: г. Киев  Идея дизайна: Создать уютную обстановку Дизайн-концепция. Гостевая комната для молодой…

Contemporary guest room design with geometric pattern
January 2018

Идея дизайна: Удобное место для отдыха с выходами в кухню и гостиную.Воплощение…

Balcony design with exit to kitchen and living room
November 2017

Учитывались пожелания девочки подросткового возраста: создать комнату для работы и для отдыха,…

Children's room design for little lady
November 2017

Идея дизайна. Многие люди отказываются от балкона и объединяют его с комнатой,…

Light guest room design with work place
August 2017

Стояла задача оформить гостевую комнату, которая в будущем может быть использована как…

Delicate room design with menthe color
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advice on a guest room design

Guest room design

Guest room decoration. Photo

Guest rooms, as a rule, are called rooms in a house or an apartment, which are designed to accommodate guests. But, sometimes, conditionally we call a room for an adult son or daughter a guest room, if the functionality of the room is greater than in a usual bedroom: except for sleep, guests are welcomed here, one may work or study, and generally a lot of time is spent here during the day. In this way guest room by its functionality is similar to the children's one, but is deprived of its characteristic children's attributes.

Design of the guest room, the photo of which you like, can be sent us to the studio, as wishes on the style of your future interior. To do this, when viewing the room, click the "Add to favorites" button, and the room will be added to special "cart" of this website.  Highlight by clicking on the "asterisk" at the search bar on the top of the site. Links to all selected rooms you can send us to the studio to discuss design ideas or to your emailbox for detailed examenation and analysis.

Guest room decoration. Photo


The design of guest rooms has a set of features and typical elements. As a rule, there are a folding sofa, a cabinet, a table, other furniture is "to taste." Basically, approach to the design of these premises is similar to the design of living rooms, but, due to smaller areas and limited budget on repairs, their design often seems to be easier.

However, even here there is a place for original ideas, some unusual combination of furniture and wall textures, play of contrasts, or small painted section of wall or ceiling. The important thing is that all this successfully fits into the room architecture, defeats the uncomfortable forms of walls and ceiling, is appropriate, and reflects tastes of people living here.


Design idea

Determine whether this room is only for guests, or, probably, it can have more functionality. Often, having allocated a separate room exclusively for the guest stay, our customers later regret not having made for themselves a work room, a separate dining room, or a gym. Do you really often host guests?

Guest rooms design
Furniture location in bedroom

Arrange the furniture so that both relax, and work at the table as well as communicate sitting on the couch was comfortable

Дизайн в 3D

Visualize the interior. For guest rooms we recommend a neutral color scheme, because if it does not please everyone, then, at least, nobody is annoyed

План чертежей

Do not skimp on project drawings: repair of any complexity can be poorly done if the details - what, where, and how should be done, are missing

Авторский надзор

To achieve the best result, order author's supervision

Like any room, the interior design of the guest room is better performed by a professional interior designer.

Order an individual project of the guest room and other rooms in Interior-Idea studio. Our contacts are available here. Also, you can order a design on-line, having chosen the option of completing the project  on our website. We will contact you and clarify the details.