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September 2018
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Guest room design in blue with wood

  • Visualization

Project description

Design idea

“Comfort in the house is the basis of a good mood”

The concept of design and the main materials used in the interior.

We were faced with a rather simple, at first glance, task - “Create a cozy interior”.
Adhering to the pre-approved layout, we proceeded to visualization.
The room is designed to receive friends, relatives, and therefore the closest and dearest people.
Therefore, a comfortable atmosphere, well-chosen interior items, textiles, decor and lighting should have created an atmosphere of cordiality, warmth and care.

A small closet for storage of household equipment was placed at the entrance to the room, and a number of a padded stool with shelves for shoes and separate hangers for outerwear were placed nearby.
Two folding sofas, with side tables, sconces at each of them, electric fire allow to diversify leisure - read a book, watch a movie, work on a laptop or just drink tea.
For greater comfort, they created a secluded soft area near a large floor lamp, bookshelves and an electric fireplace.
In the room also placed a mini-kitchen with a bar.
The kitchen is designed more for snacking and “drinking tea” than for preparing full-fledged dishes, so we equipped it with a mini fridge, microwave, kettle, water cooler and necessary utensils.

To decorate the walls chose wooden paneling, painted zonally in blue and white.
The floor is bright laminate, and at the entrance tile under the tree.
The warmth of the interior was added not only by decor, textiles, and warm lighting, but also the use of wooden furniture.
In general, the interior turned out in a European compact, bright, interesting, and most importantly, in our opinion, comfortable.

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