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February 2018

Идея дизайна и творческая название проекта. Интерьер студии - просторная планировка, удобное…

Tiny kitchen-studio design in contemporary style
December 2017

Идея дизайна. Пространство с одним окном сделать светлым и уютнымДизайн-концепция. Помещение кухни-студии…

Tiny kitchen-studio design in minimal style
November 2017

В помещение разделены кухня и гостиная. Перестенок оформили плиткой под дерево и…

Kitchen-living room design in mint color
November 2017

Идея дизайна, концепция. «Интерьер с мужским характером». Интерьер разработан для молодого, неженатого…

Kitchen design for young man
October 2017

Идея дизайна. Единение с природойКонцепция дизайна. Сделать интерьер максимально сближающий заказчика с…

Interior design project for living room and kitchen in wood-framed smart house
October 2017

Идея дизайна: Максимальная простота.Общее пространство гостиная-столовая-кухня, оформлено максимально лаконично, однако не совсем…

The simplest design design of common space for living room, dining and kitchen
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advice on a kitchen studion design

Kitchen-studio design

Kitchen-studio design

Among the residential premises, kitchen-studios are, perhaps, the most interesting from the elaboration perspective. If, in the case of ordinary rectangular spaces, it may seem to the customer that "there is nothing to think about, I will develop everything by myself," then in the case when two rooms are consolidated, a number of questions arises:

  • how to zone a room, in order to identify individual sectors with different functions, and whether this needs to be done.

You can make some mistakes if you try to solve these tasks by yourself

Solving these issues independently may lead to a number of mistakes. The most common of these are:

    • to completely remove the walls between the living room, kitchen, and corridor. In this instance, it usually becomes inconvenient to place furniture, kitchen appliances and a TV-set.

  • attempts to apply the design, seen somewhere by the customer, without taking into account the configuration and the size of your premises as well as your needs.

If you want a kitchen-studio design to be individual, taking into account your functional requirements, psychological peculiarities of perception, as well as building standards, order a design project in our studio. Even at the planning stage you will see that there are plenty of opportunities to make the kitchen-studio design unique, not to mention the details that will be developed at the visualization stage.

кухня-студия в классическом стиле


Design of this room should be ordered at least because it is the most complex premise among the residential ones.

It is itself quite difficult to properly plan such room, and, given the huge role of the kitchen-studio in the entire living space design, the answer to the question of ordering its design, we believe, is obvious.


Kitchen-studio design

It is necessary to immediately clarify a few technical nuances: designs of kitchen with living room, which are fully integrated into one premise are possible only if your kitchen does not use gas. Otherwise, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of closing the kitchen door. If food smells irritate you, then, again, the doors need to be put, since no kitchen hood can completely save the living room from the smells.

Drawing plan

With large doors or without them, you still decided to make a kitchen-studio. Now it is necessary to determine on the plan at a scale the principle of furniture arrangement. Pay attention to the following: place the TV-set in the living room so that it does not mirror the window, better so that it can be viewed from the kitchen; if you refused to have the entrance hall as a separate room, make it a not walk-through area, so that when you are making your way to the kitchen, you do not have to walk on a relatively dirty tile.

3D design

Further everything happens, as in the design of other rooms, according to the usual pattern: computer visualization is being done, it is discussed with the customer, corrections are made. During this process, materials, shapes and colors being agreed.

Designer supervision

By coordinated visualization, all the necessary drawings are executed. The design project is issued to the customer. By prior arrangement, author's supervision is or is not being conducted.

Check out our rich "kitchen-studios" portfolio and contact us for advice or design-project in any way convenient for you.