October 2013
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Rating: Design of a snow-white kitchen-studio with violet emphasizes 4.7 from 5. Rating : 3

Design of a snow-white kitchen-studio with violet emphasizes

Project description

Strict studio with bright accents.

The embodiment of the design concept.

The design was developed for a young married couple without children.
The task was to create a strict, concise and low-cost interior with practical materials.
The customer took an active part in the planning decision, as well as the selection of materials and accent colors.
It was proposed to combine the living room with kitchen and balcony.
The customer wanted to make a metal-plastic glazing under the ceiling in the rearrangement of the bedroom.
A mirror is inserted in the room between the hallway and the sofa.
On the walls and on the ceiling, for practicality, we decided to use Di-Perla decorative plaster in the base color.

One of the difficulties was to hide the existing gas pipe that runs vertically along the wall, where it was planned to install a TV.
Therefore, the design provides for removable modular MDF panels at a distance from the wall, for ease of perception in the furniture added a hidden blue LED backlight.

The main materials used in the interior.

Di-Perla decorative plaster in base color;

soft corner "BL 101" by the company "Blest" (2820x2070 (+760) xH650);

bar stools "Art.340" or "HY309" (shop "League-Nova");

furniture made of white and purplish amethyst MDF with blue glass;

perforated aluminum vertical blinds.

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Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina

Thanks to the combination of forms, materials and colors, the hallway smoothly flows into the kitchen and then unites with the living room.
This helps to perceive the room as integral space, and not to visually divide it into parts, although zoning is clearly present here.