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December 2016
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Loft-studio design with classic interior elements

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Project description

Design idea: "Loft with a classic accent"

Nowadays, more and more houses are being built with fully open spaces, panoramic windows and high ceilings. In such interiors, and asks for style "Loft". Modern loft means, above all, the avant-garde solution of the room. The house itself was originally built of brick only to leave the very texture of the brick walls. A metal channel was used around the perimeter of the room to maintain the loft style. Furniture and chandeliers used both modern and classic to emphasize the originality of the style.

The main materials used in the interior: Furniture - "Retro furniture from Holland"; The floor - marble in the center, granite on the perimeter; Sofa and chair - Merx "Millenium"; Factory cuisine - Elnova, collection "Estro"

Object address: Kiev