July 2016
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Kitchen and living room design in creamy colors

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Project description

Design idea: To make one large bright functional space of a kitchen-studio for a young family. The entire area of ​​this space is divided into a hallway, corridor, kitchen, dining room and living room. Sliding doors between the kitchen and living room make it possible, if necessary, to separate these two spaces. Neutral colors were chosen with bright accents of blue and burgundy.

The main difficulty in the development of the project. The main difficulty was the stage of redevelopment of the apartment.

The main materials used in the interior: Decorative plaster, flooring, soft wall panels, stone tiles, 3D panels, glass and mirror.

Address of the object. Cherkasy region

Designer's review: The apartment turned out bright and spacious. The redevelopment made it possible to increase the bathroom through the corridor and the room, due to the attached balconies.