June 2018
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Rating: Kitchen design living room with elements of Scandinavian style and loft 5.0 from 5. Rating : 4

Kitchen design living room with elements of Scandinavian style and loft

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Modern style with elements of Scandinavian style and loft.

Design concept. The main wish of the customer is to use natural material and be sure to use greenery, since the main hobby of the customer is plant breeding. It was also a wish to make the interior as light and simple as possible.

In this interior there are two accent points depending on the point of perception. The first is a biofireplace from "Flame and Steel", which is installed in a special niche, which is a frame covered with light quartzite with white grout. The second accent is the barn door that hides the pantry / wardrobe.
The floor is made of quartz-vinyl laminate, as the main method of heating the apartment is a heated floor. The color scheme of the floor is divided into 2 parts: 1 - laminate with a texture "Bolivian walnut". 2-laminate in the kitchen area with the texture "Oak Aspen". A 3D wooden panel from Wanted Wood is installed behind the sofa, and this panel is also present in the TV area. The highlight of this interior is room ivy, which will separate the hallway area from the living room area.

Address of the object. Kharkov region.

Designers feedback

Designer  Alexander Barchan
Alexander Barchan The interior option was adopted from the first time, the customer was satisfied.