October 2018
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Kitchen-living room design with bright accents

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Project description

Design concept:
The apartment is designed for a young girl.
When communicating with the customer, there were words that she likes gray / graphite very much, would like to make bright accents, maybe pink, maybe add some more colors, but at the same time she is very afraid to darken an already small room.
During development, these wishes were taken into account.
4 primary colors are used - white as a base, gray and graphite as an additional "substrate" for accentuation and in equal degrees pink and green are used.
I have adopted a reverse reflection scheme.
Tobish the kitchen is white with a pink apron and accents in the form of hanging pots with greens (which I suggested to use as hanging mini-beds) and paintings, in the opposite side the main graphite color is used, with a texture, warm lighting (in response to the kitchen) and a green sofa with a small amount of pink details.
If you look at the sofa from the kitchen - we see on the right 3 wooden panels - this is a sliding wall.
The customer would like to have access to the bedroom light, but at the same time, she would like to have the opportunity to close this room completely and have a separate entrance if she has someone at a party.
The solution was the creation of such a sliding system that develops and turns the two-room into a spacious studio, at the same time, when someone is visiting - we have a separate private master bedroom.
Basic materials:
Plaster with a different texture for painting, parquet, ceramic-granite tiles, wooden panels and bars.

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