November 2017
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Kitchen design for young man

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Project description

Idea design concept. "The interior with a male character."
The interior is designed for a young, unmarried man, so he is very concise and strict. Here one feels a certain strength and masculinity, there is freedom of movement and a maximum of open space.

Design concept. In the redevelopment of the apartment the main wish of the customer was to make the space as open as possible, so we completely dismantled the partition between the hallway and the living room. Also make the maximum possible passage width of 2.10 m between the living room and the kitchen, while lowering the window sills to 50 cm from the floor. To visually separate the sofa from the hallway, used a metal partition with glass. The space above the fireplace is used as lockers. The kitchen was allocated a place under the island (1.20 x0.6 m) with a hob and a cylindrical hood.

The main materials used in the interior. Sofa "BLANCHE Unity" (1100х2600хh810), electric heater "Ruby Fires Mystic Fires RF 10" (645х302хh750), 2 couches "ALIVAR 327-327 (950х1200х620), round coffee table" DROMMEL "(700 hr2020), a number for a table, a round table" DROMMEL "(for a number), a number, a number for a party ), dining table "AIPETRI (DF508T)" (h760x1360x800), chairs "ESCUDO CONNUBIA" (780x420x450), extractor hood "Cylindra Isola Silence +" from "Fabiano". The rest of the cabinet furniture made to order from particleboard and MDF.

On the walls, decorative plaster. Floor: parquet board "WOOD Floor Cocoa Ash" and woodgrain tiles "K915845MA ALASKA" with a ½ tile shift.

Lighting fixtures: spotlights - Poland 94889 with a 9 cm depth, chandeliers
"Tom Dixon".

Address of the object: Kiev