September 2014
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Kitchen-studio design with light green color emphasize

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Bright major notes in the strict women's domain.

Design concept. The design of this room began with the selection of tiles on the kitchen apron. Despite its brightness and saturation, the light green color of the selected tile is at the same time warm and effective, it has a neutralizing function of green. Being surrounded by light green, a person feels a sense of relaxed peace or high spirits. However, in order that it blends harmoniously into the interior of the room, it should be properly combined with other shades and colors. Therefore, a color trio was chosen for him: light green looks great with beige, white and brown. Thus, we were able to achieve the saturation of light green color that we need. This design solution is great for these customers who are not ardent fans of rich colors, but who nevertheless want to bring a bright major note to the interior.

The walls are decorated with rustles (by gluing sheets of drywall on the wall) and are divided into 2 colors: decorative plaster of light sand and beige colors. It visually “breaks” the space and adds some liveliness. In addition, the same design of the wall behind the sofa and behind the TV visually separates the living area from the kitchen area.

Built-in kitchen appliances. The microwave is suspended on brackets, which allows you to use the space under it. The worktop is 85 cm high. Between it and the upper cabinets is 55 cm. The top row of kitchen cabinets, reaching to the ceiling, hides the corrugation from the hood and is suitable for rarely used things. Making them in white, the whole kitchen looks easy and seamless.

Choosing lamps, paid special attention to their size and color. The horizontal arrangement of the two sconces over the sofa visually expands this zone, and their dark color serves as an accent on the light background.
In the area of ​​the TV - a white shelf and a mobile bedside table on wheels. This shelf balances the whole composition, since With such a lateral arrangement of the TV, the whole composition should not “fall down” on its side. One high decor in the form of a vase or something similar balances it.

The main materials used in the interior. Tiles on the apron of the kitchen - the company "Opoczno". Sconce and ceiling lamp company "Kolarz". Curtains are thread white + roll on the windows.

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Customers feedback

Татьяна А.
"Дизайнер Ирина Гнатовская сумела технически воплотить мои представления об идеальной квартире в конкретный проект, наполнила его интересными идеями и оригинальными решениями, заложила фундамент в реализацию ремонта моей мечты. Могу охарактеризовать Ирину как сильного профессионала, обладающего удивительным чувством цвета, композиции и гармонии, внимательного к деталям проекта и к пожеланиям заказчика. Я искренне благодарна ей. Сотрудничество было приятным и плодотворным!"

Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina

Lime color is one of the shades of spring: always uplifting, toning and soothing. This is the color of rebirth, youth and happy, stable everyday life. It makes you think about the good and enjoy life.
Do not be afraid to make such fresh major notes in your interior!