December 2018
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Design studio in the classics with a touch of the east

Project description

Design concept:
A large room and furniture made in white, milky tones that would focus on oriental patterns and textiles.
The main task, each zone should be different, but the entire space should be as open and bright as possible.

The main materials used in the interior:
The main body of furniture is wood of light and natural colors; floor tiles in the living room - INTERKERAMA, ALON GRAY + frieze, laid out in a zigzag.
Floor tiles in the kitchen - Orly Deco Esquina, tile on the risers Almera Ceramica Paris CHANEL, sofa with oriental pattern Delavega "A39", sofa Zlatamebel "CHESTERFIELD-3", semi-chair in the kitchen - "Decorazzio" Seven Sedie Olimpia.

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Designers feedback

Designer  Gontarenko Tatyana
Gontarenko Tatyana

When I first saw the customer, I realized that all the shops of tile and furniture were revised and photographed, from the many examples we looked at and discussed, I wanted to write everything into the project.
But it was necessary to choose only what is combined and assembled.
Perhaps this style in the interior is not suitable for everyone and please, but for our client this is exactly what she wanted.