July 2018
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Design studio in blue

Project description

Design idea:
"Noble blue tone".

The embodiment of the design concept: In a room that is quite small in size, we needed to distinguish two zones - the living room and the kitchen. With the right arrangement of furniture and equipment, we succeeded. The room should be comfortable and functional, contain the right amount of equipment and is ready to accept a large number of friends and relatives.

Materials used in the interior: The kitchen will be made individually to order from painted MDF and veneer. There is decorative plaster on the walls, which can be washed, because it is important for customers who have a small sweet baby in the family who behaves very playfully in the kitchen. The table - "Signal COMBO II" (800x1200 / 1600xh750) - is very convenient, because it is folding, so it is ready to receive guests. Modern black armchairs "PAPATYA" LUNA "(550x510xh770 / 470) are very practical next to it. Folding sofa" Indy "from the factory" BLEST "(1480x1020 / 2000xh650), its compact size is very convenient for the room. which are of rather unusual shape, their ceiling can be twisted in different directions, giving the room a certain game of lighting and shade. The chandelier and spotlights from the manufacturer "NOWODVORSKI". The IKEA carpet offered by the clients is very elegant, it gives the room modernity and "dilutes" In general, the whole and Terrier studio.

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Customers feedback

Андрей З.
Всі зауваження враховувались та були запропоновані різні варіанти на вибір. Сподобалось також, що наш дизайнер Неля, ніби відчувала, що буде підходити саме для нас, і пропонувала ті варіанти, які ми ще не встигли озвучити.Результат перевершив наші очікування, і ми задоволені співпрацею. Вдячні за виконану роботу, дякуємо за терпіння і бажаємо вам багато задоволених клієнтів!

Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty The client dreamed of a blue kitchen. I set out to fulfill her dream and harmoniously fit the kitchen into the interior of the studio. In my opinion, I succeeded. The room is made with a combination of different colors: it combines strict shades of dark blue with nice looking tones of wood. The final touch of this interior is black accents that are present in the furniture of the room and in the pattern of the carpet.