January 2017
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Lounge zone design with fire place

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Project description

Design idea: "Hunting Lodge"

Amazing hunting lodge - the perfect place to relax. The designer had the task to create a cozy, multifunctional room. Of course, the main element of the decoration is wood, the ceiling with dark aged beams is completely sewn up. In support of the brutal interior needed massive furniture and accessories. Upholstered furniture manufacturer Blanche fit perfectly. The atmosphere was supplemented with lighting elements: copper suspensions, sconce in the form of lanterns and an incredible chandelier with imitation of horns.

A separate element was the second floor with a wooden cot and an improvised "hayloft", where you can climb the glass staircase. Also on the second floor there are two red bean bags and a coffee table.

The center of the whole composition was the fireplace, which in addition to the decorative function also serves to heat the room. In the decoration of the "hearth" used red brick, and a mantelpiece decorated with wood.

The main difficulties in working on the project: The main difficulty in the implementation of this project was the need to combine many functions in one room. Here and a small kitchen and dining room with a large banquet table, and a seating area with a pool.

Main materials: Brushed patinated lining, decorative plaster, painted black metal, Paradiz wood flooring, Hasel ochra series.

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Designer's review: The design was developed in the winter, on the eve of the New Year holidays. Impressed by the unique winter landscape, which opened out of huge panoramic windows, I wanted to make a truly cozy and warming interior, so that in cold seasons, take a steam bath and warm up near the fireplace with a cup of flavored mulled wine.