December 2016
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Spring energy in moderate kitchen-studio design

Project description

The idea of ​​design: "Energy of Spring" in the restrained interior of the studio kitchen. The main color in the design of the studio selected light gray, almost white. It serves as an ideal basis for any color accents, as well as for changing the space, increasing the volume of the room.

Design concept: Organization of space is the most important moment when you need to equip a studio. Visually separating one zone from another by dividing the space into zones was helped by a small step with hidden LED strip that divides this room into a functional kitchen and a spacious living room.

Zoning is also achieved through the use of different materials in color and texture in the decoration of walls. Therefore, it was decided to use in the openings the dark color of the plaster and the bar counter, this solution successfully separates the zones.

The bar counter is not just a fashionable decorative element, but also an important item in terms of its functionality, it allows you to save space in the room, replacing a bulky table. Such planning is convenient and allows you to combine cooking with chatting with friends or watching TV together. It was used hidden LED strip and tinted glass surface. Also, the rack goes to the wall with convenient shelves for glasses and drinks. The table is an integral part of the reception of guests and loved ones for a delicious dinner, so we did not refuse the table as a young family often has guests.

With the help of lighting it is easy to distinguish different functional areas. For lighting the kitchen, the lamps built into the ceiling were used. They spotlight the space, create a play of light and shadow, visually expand the room. Plasterboard construction on the ceiling with a niche and a dark shade of plaster with a modern pendant lamp will emphasize the difference in the design of the living room.

Different types of flooring have been used. At the same time materials differ both in color and in texture. For example: light ceramic tiles in the kitchen area and wooden-textured tiles in the living area. Also throughout the house is equipped with a warm floor that will ensure comfortable movement on the floor with tiles.

A feature of this room is space. It was decided to create interesting accents in the decor elements, enhancing the lighting features by displaying the color schemes of the room and visually expand the space with the help of mirrors. Their beautiful addition and framing are plants that twist. The fireplace zone is well emphasized by the expressiveness of slender forms, dark accent lines and wooden texture.

The main materials used in the interior: Ceramic tile Paradyz Hasel Ochra 160x985mm, decorative plaster, matt MDF facades, modular sofa "BLEST-BL 102", plastic chair (light green) Viti- CC512009, wooden table in white, chandelier EGLO 82766 and EGLO 82765, a modern pendant luminaire "spider" for 8 lamps, non-display doors.

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