August 2018
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Compact studio kitchen with loft elements

Project description

Design idea: The apartment is a bachelor, which over time can transform into a family nest.

The main task was to combine the kitchen with the living room, to make the interior modern, practical and concise.
Hide, camouflage beams on the ceiling and radiators.
We have welded the beams with a drywall construction, the batteries are covered with carved chipboard panels.
Hallway expanded mirrors.
Contrasting the walls and textured plaster adds style to the room.
Lighting is an important component of this interior.
There are many sources of light, they are diverse and each performs its function.
The central element of the living room is a sofa, an important detail of the male interior.
The kitchen is made in bright colors.
Granite worktop from the worktop smoothly moves to the window, forming a dining area.

The main materials used in the interior:
The walls and the ceiling are decorated with a smooth painting in the color Palazzo 150 according to the Caparol 3D Plus palette and decorative plaster: the base is 3D Jura 60, the final coating is 3D Jura 60 on the Caparol 3D Plus palette.
Plaster brick was used on the column and in the area near the TV.
On the floor in the hallway tile "Golden Tile", a series of "Stonehenge mod" (gray) (600 × 600 × 10mm).
In the kitchen - granite "Argenta", a series of "Indore" (900 × 225 × 8mm).
In the studio - laminate LC75 Oak Davos 6055, 32 class (1288x198x8mm).

Lighting: chandelier "Maytoni 12392" (870х590хh = 252mm), spotlights "Poland 94888" (92х92хh = 33mm), chandelier "Nowodvorski 78563" (diameter 100mm, h = 900 / 200mm), chandelier "Nowodvorski 84807" (diameter 55mm, h = 1200 / 500mm), Nowodvorski 93113, LED lights in a metal case.
Cabinet furniture - MDF: RAL 9010 white, Legnoprom veneer (Radial Oak).
Kitchen - MDF: RAL 9010 white, gloss; RAL 9022 pearl light gray.
Granite worktop (Pokostovka).
Sofa Blest, model "BL 101".
Chairs - Signal, model "Hals".
Folding table - Halmar, model "Edward", white / honey oak (1200 / 2000х1000х750mm).

Entrance doors Aplot M3010, white wood + aluminum + taflya.
The interior door Rodos, Contes Tango 2000x600 deaf.

Detailed design projects in Kiev with a complete set of materials.

Designers feedback

Designer  Irina Azyazova
Irina Azyazova I look forward to the implementation of the design.