January 2019
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Modern Contrasting Kitchen Studio

Project description

The idea of ​​design - "Family values"

The design concept and the main materials that were used in the project.
The words that the customer said to me are family, space, comfort.
This, in fact, became the basis of the project.
The main color, white, is made specially, as it expands the space, and taking into account 3 natural sources of light, this effect is achieved especially.
Further, the central part of the composition is a biofireplace.
Here comes the symbolic load - a fireplace as a family hearth, a symbol of the family, reinforced by a massive, monumental brick frame, as a symbol of indestructibility.
The theme of the two circles above the fireplace is not only decoration, but in general it constitutes an infinity symbol.
It turns out, "the endless indestructibility of the family hearth."

Materials in the project: brick, parquet, plaster not textured for painting.

Designers feedback

Designer  Alexander Barchan
Alexander Barchan
Many options were made, but when they worked and approved the concept, the work went faster and the option was accepted.