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New Classic Style Kitchen Design. Kitchen design in Lutsk

Design kitchens in neo-class style
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advice on a kitchen design

Kitchen design

Kitchen design

Кitchen - is one of the most complex spaces to design among residential interiors. Modern kitchens, which design is increasingly similar to the latest technology exhibition stand, should be developed by designers who monitor the technological progress in this area.

In apartments, it is often impossible to realize all the customer's wishes because of the lack of space. In such a circumstance, a compromise should be found between beauty and functionality. And the final result can essentially depend on the customer's individual needs and priorities.


Kitchen design is essentially tied to the design of kitchen furniture, which, in turn, depends on the hostess and her family's needs, furniture production standards, the rules of ergonomics and convenience.

Well-chosen appliences can have a significant impact on the overall design of the kitchen. Pictures of realized kitchen projects clearly show this.

Contemporary kitchen design


It is usually simpler to design a kitchen in the private house because of the larger premise. So, the task is greatly simplified with more opportunities to diversify the design: a kitchen can be done in classical style, part of the kitchen furniture separated from the main kitchen in the so-called island; or, vice versa, a bar counter, can be added, as we did when developing a kitchen design (pictures). The latter method is recommended if the bar counter finds its practical application rather than serves only as an area zoning method. Corner kitchens in our design often contain this element.

Kitchen design in the Ukrainian style is gaining popularity both among the apartment owners and in private houses. Of course, in this case, all housing needs to be done in the Ukrainian style so that to preserve the integrity of the concept.

Knowledge of the materials used in the manufacture of furniture, their characteristics and cost is also of great importance for the process of development kitchen design.

Classic kitchen design


Since some ideas can be implemented through materials that can be ten times more expensive than similar standard materials. For instance, countertops made of artificial or natural stone are the first sign a VIP-level kitchen. Design kitchens made of natural wood are also an expensive option. Kitchen designer should understand the approximate range of kitchen cost at the stage of its development in order to draw up the project greatest possible and available for implementation. Of course, it is almost impossible to design a kitchen in classical style in the economy segment. Classical kitchens belong to the VIP-segment design.

Say, if living room design can be done by provisional designing of individual furniture units or without designing at all, then the kitchen design is closely linked to the furniture details: not having figured out the exact placement of kitchen equipment, which locker is for what, it will not be clear where it is best to install electricity and whether this furniture is enough at all. Therefore, it is highly undesirable to inindefinitely postpone furniture designing after repair.

Kitchen design

So "from which side to approach" the kitchen repair and what ideas can we offer?

    • one needs to form the desired end result: what kind of appliences would you like to place in the kitchen, what length of the countertop you need for comfortable work in the kitchen, how many people will use a table, what style and materials you prefer
  • it is necessary to compare the desired final result with the real situation: the area of the premises, your finances, and the style of the whole apartment. If the desires do not meet the opportunities, it is needed to prioritize, decide what is really important to implement and what should be abandoned. Usually, many such "conflicting" desires appear in the next stage.


Designer develops the project taking into the consideration preferences and recommendations of client and his own view of perfect result

The next step is a functional plan or, what is the same, a layout of the furniture. Kitchen designer develops the optimal plan taking into account customer's needs and wishes and their vision of the best result. If there are factors that make it impossible to create a single option that takes into account all the preferences, the several variants are prepared, each with its own pluses and minuses. For example, the wishes of the customer to arrange a kitchen sink in front of the window will make it impossible to place a bar in kitchen. If the client in this case is previously uncertain which option will be more priority, the designer will make the plans of both options for consideration.

After a tentative layout of furniture has been agreed, computer visualization is done, in which furniture is developed in more detail, like the interior in general. Of course, the style direction of the interior is preliminarily coordinated by reference to pictures and interior visualizations in magazines or on various Internet sites.

During the first display of visualizations, there is a discussion of the customer's design evaluation. If the customer does not coordinate the visualization immidiately, corrections and clarifications are made to the project and visualization is redone. With the right sequential step-by-step approach to design development, one or two such modifications are sufficient.

After agreeing on color images, the kitchen designer prepares all the drawings necessary to repair and furnish the kitchen. Thus, our customers get kitchen interiors that suit them functionally, in color, style, and budget. We will also offer you repairmen and an optimal studio for making furniture, if necessary, in order to correctly connect ideas on paper and with their implementation.

On this picture you can see the final result for one of our projects. Order interior design and furniture in the studio "Interior-Idea".

Order interior and furniture design in Interior-Idea studio.