June 2019
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Design kitchens in Provan Style

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Project description

"The atmosphere of Provence in the home kitchen"

The main task was to create a comfortable home-made atmosphere with an island in a small lounge area.
The kitchen was designed for interesting hosts with delicate taste.

The kitchen is made in soothing colors.
One of the hostess's wishes was furniture in a light green color.
This color inspires and soothes the mind, separates from the usual hustle and bustle and brings to the depths of peace of mind.
The height of the window sills allowed to make the kitchen counter to the level with the window sills.
Because the family likes to spend time together, for the spouse of the hostess was allocated a small place for a chair with a floor lamp.

Used materials:
Walls: decorative plaster and art painting in the form of a branch of a flowering tree, which gave the kitchen a bit of rustic Provence.
All furniture will be made of natural wood, and color prints of textiles fill the kitchen itself with the scent of flowering fields.
An interesting solution to this kitchen is a plasterboard ceiling, complemented by wooden beams in the center.
The interior of the ceiling is lined with wooden clapboard, which makes it look like a wicker basket.
Such an idea combined the ceiling with the whole kitchen design and supported a provocative style.

Designer's feedback:
In general, this kitchen can be an incredible inspiration for fans of Provence style.
It was possible to create not only a comfortable, comfortable and uncluttered functional area, but also to feel the whole rustic taste of Provencal herbs and endless fields of fragrant flowers, which immediately takes us at a time when we carelessly ran barefoot on the green grass somewhere at our grandmother in the village. ..