January 2014
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Elegant classic design for kitchen

Project description

The idea of ​​design. To create this project, the designer was inspired by the "rich mood of bygone times."

Design concept. The optimal organization of a large kitchen space is not an easy task, the planning of which should always be approached responsibly and pay attention to a large number of details. In this room all the necessary kitchen areas paid enough attention. This is a food storage area with two refrigerators, enough space for bulk and other products, and two large display cases. Cooking area with a large cutting surface, organized in the form of a raisin of the kitchen island, a large portal for the hob, a sufficient number of cabinets for dishes. The kitchen island is the central element of the interior, complemented by a dining area with 4 seats.

It is worth mentioning that for a large company and a more festive atmosphere in the next room there is a dining table. The design used classic Italian furniture with carved elements, rich textures of natural stone, from which worktops and a kitchen apron are made. It was decided to supplement the interior with modern glossy coatings: on the floor - with ceramic tiles, on the ceiling (in the central zone) - with a stretch ceiling. In the evening, chic kitchen furniture will play with a large number of hidden lightings of lockers and stone products, which will be a truly delightful decoration of the whole apartment and the embodiment of beauty and practicality.

The main advantages of the implemented project. The advantage of the planning solution can be called the accession of the balcony to the kitchen space. This made it possible to make an additional passage to the dining area in another room and, on the whole, to make the kitchen more spacious with more natural light.

The main materials used in the interior. Italian kitchen furniture made of natural wood.

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