March 2017
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Stylish kitchen design in fuschia colour

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Stylish kitchen fuchsia.

Design concept: Design of a kitchen with roomy furniture with height to ceiling and a large storage area. The center of the room is allocated to the dining area with a round table. The stylish interior characterizes a combination of fuchsia and black colors. The furniture combines wooden retro facades with a patina for floor cabinets and a modern glossy top of the furniture.

The main materials used in the design project: In this kitchen, as a typical representative of medium-sized, contains all the necessary kitchen appliances. There was also a comfortable position for a large two-door refrigerator. The main difficulty was the planning of the dining area without detriment to the volume of kitchen cabinets.

The main materials used in the design project: Zeus Ceramica floor tiles, Mood Wood series. Skinali with a pattern, textured plaster. Overhead spotlights Viokef 4144200 Dice. Black acrylic top. The hood is selected from black glass Best SPLIT Black 800, a two-door Syde-by-syde refrigerator, an oven and a microwave oven are installed in the column. Doors manufacturer Papa Carlo, model ELEGANCE Uno

Object address: Kiev