November 2018
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Kitchen with wenge elements

  • Visualization

Project description

There was one option to make the kitchen in the color of wenge.
But as we know, dark furniture visually absorbs the space of small rooms.
Therefore, in this kitchen, the facades of the sets were made in bright colors and used elements of the wenge color in the design of the chairs and the dining table.
Also added a dark color on the apron in the form of a mosaic, which makes the kitchen more contrast.
Indoors, the radiator was initially moved to the next wall, it was necessary to hide it decoratively.
Also in the kitchen furniture they hid the boiler, the gas meter, made a built-in refrigerator and added another closet-case for additional kitchen utensils alongside the customers.

Floor tiles: Garogres Aris Negro
Hanging chandelier: Eglo 93003 Pinto
Dining table: Floyd
Chairs: Pusha

Designers feedback

Designer  Юлия Байдак
Юлия Байдак The customers did not know at all what color they wanted to see their kitchen and how to tie the existing wenge existing in other rooms to it, which is why they were very worried. But we quickly solved this problem, after which everyone was satisfied and calm!