July 2017
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Natural wood and white gloss in kitchen design

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Project description

Design concept: Since the kitchen is small, it was decided to combine it with a balcony. The oven and microwave were placed in one column on the balcony, which helped to free up space under the work surface in the main kitchen area. They also allocated a place for a small wooden bar, which is a window sill.

In the design they decided to use white glossy facades. They reflect light, visually expand the space, make it clean and fresh in appearance. And in order not to create the impression of an absolutely sterile room, we placed color and textured accents. The wooden surfaces of kitchen facades will add to the modern interior of the kitchen a touch of warmth and relaxation of country life, with its inherent cosiness and comfort. Spanish tiles are perfectly combined with snow-white color with a glossy surface, stylized as a stone in shades of beige, gray and brown. There was a place for the TV.

Materials: “Modern” table from “BRW” (800x800 mm), “Nilson / CC513687” chair, “Helena” bar stools, wooden bar counter instead of a window sill, “Mumble-B-20” floor tile from the “Foresta Mumble” collection ( 1225x200mm), wall tile "APE Ceramika Century Imola Mix" (Spain), chandelier over the table "EGLO 83021", black spotlights "POLAND 78367", decorative plaster, Roman curtains on the windows, lighting sconce over the picture "WUNDERLICHT 44872".

Feedback from the project manager Irina Gnatovskaya: “There is an opinion that white glossy facades are uninteresting in the interior and impractical to care. In this case, it is clear that such facades not only visually expand the space, but also serve as an ideal background for playing with other colors and textures. Despite the white color, such smooth painted MDF surfaces are easy to clean; they are usually not visible traces of water droplets and fingerprints. A dark glossy kitchen requires much more attention than white. ”

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