March 2019
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The combination of contrasts in the kitchen-dining room

Project description

The embodiment of the design concept:
A light palette in which calm tones of sand and white are in contrast to the black color, and the central colored elements are wine color (red rumba color).
Using such paints, you can create an extraordinary interior for quite modern residents of this apartment.
In residential areas, red is best used to focus accents.

Materials used in the interior:
On the walls - decorative plaster "Di perla", which is suitable for the kitchen, because it is easy to wash and comfortable in care.
A folding dining table from the "Nicolas DENVER" white / MD000186 (950x1400 \ 1800hh760 mm) and comfortable colored wine-colored chairs from the Vella DLS manufacturer (570x600x860) was used in the folding dining table.
Above the table there is a niche with a decorative plaster of black hue, which is illuminated by an LED strip of warm glow.
Thanks to her the black color does not look so "rough".
An interesting and up-to-date is the round dome lamp "Dallas MOD548PL-25CH" (d = 690mm) from the manufacturer "MAYTONI".
She gives the room a certain chic and mood.
Completion of this composition is a gypsum 3D-paneled wall from the manufacturer of Luxury Comfort.
They are also painted in black color, which is successfully combined with the floor and apron in the kitchen and in the general picture of the room itself looks interesting and modern.
In the center of the panels - TV, this wall is also highlighted with an LED strip of warm glow.
On the left side of the room are the cabinet furniture (which will be custom-made) with light MDF facades and a black quartz tabletop (or dark granite).
Thickness of the facades dilutes the interesting tile apron from "Ceramika Paradyż - Modern" (198х198mm) with a black and white geometric pattern.
The kitchen apron is illuminated with a white LED neutral light.
In the project, we proposed to use the built-in technique, at the request of customers left only the refrigerator separate.
On the floor - ceramic granite tiles "Argenta Ceramica - Carrara WHITE SHINE" (600x600x10 mm) and "TAU Danxia BLACK" (600x600x10 mm).
The black tile is cut into small tiles in the size of 100x100 mm, so that an interesting layout on the floor could be obtained.

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Designers feedback

Designer  Nelya Shkrebty
Nelya Shkrebty

The first acquaintance with clients is a very important and exciting moment, as well as the first presentation of the visualization of the first developed room.
You do not know, exactly everything will suit the customers ...
But this room was very attractive to customers at first sight, I was very pleased, because the customers have their extraordinary taste.