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advice on a living room design

Living room design

Living room design

Typically, this room is given more attention in the design and repair process. It sets the tone for the interior of all living rooms, the corridor, and the kitchen. As a rule, this is the largest room in the house, and it is not overloaded with furniture, which allows to make its design replete with shapes, apply a lot of different design techniques for its decoration and furnishing. These can be: multi-level ceilings, stretch ceilings or stucco or wooden elements on them; various gypsum plasterboard and furniture constructions on the walls; elements of decoration, such as wall painting or printing, stained glass and bas-reliefs, wallpaper with interesting effects, drawings, etc..

Choosing a style of the living room interior, remember that for small rooms it is better to use modern styles, minimalism and proportionate to them interior items. Classics and ethno-style are always more expensive in implementation: wood price increases with each passing year and stucco is always considered a luxury. And, if you have already decided to make a living room with fireplace, then be ready to pay accordingly for such a pleasure. We advise you to design the interior of living room not to surprise your guests, but to make it to your tastes and the perception of your family.

Living room design with wallpapersPhoto wallpaper in living room Wood decoration in living room with fireplaceDecorative plaster in living room


The interior of the hall in the house is not much different from the design of the living room in the apartment. Traditional materials that we use when working out a hall design in classical style are wallpapers and decorative plaster. Laminate or parquet are the most common floor covering. If you live in a private house and can make an inexpensive water heated floor, it is worth to consider the floor with tile. which is very practical and, with proper approach to design, beautiful. The design of the living room (hall) in the apartment in this sense is somewhat limited, to be more precise the invisible to the eye design, namely the technical side of its implementation.

Living room design in our time cannot do without a TV-set. Do not put it opposite the window, as it will be reflected on the TV screen, making it difficult to watch TV. Watching television towards the window is also inconvenient. The best option is to locate the TV-set on the wall perpendicular to the one with a window. Soft furniture should be better put sort of in the corner relative to the entrance door, such arrangement is more cosy and comfortable for perception. Although, certainly, there are many parameters affecting the layout of furniture in the living room.

And there are so many such nuances regarding any element of the interior that is present in the living room. Some nuances need to be taken into account, considering the technical matters, for others account should be taken of the customer's individual perception. Say, the location of the fireplace has a number of technical considerations, and the use of a multi-level ceiling in a low room is limited only by the psychological aspects of perception.

Subjective perception is an important factor influencing the design result


Subjectivity of perception is an important factor that affects the result of design. For one person, probably, dark colors can be totally unacceptable, while for another person they may seem comfortable and impressive. For some, classic interior seems to be the only "worthy" style, and the eco-style interior will seem cheap and too simple. Others will consider the standards of the classics, as a long-gone stage and lack of ideology, or this style can simply tire and annoy them. We believe that there are no good and bad styles, right and wrong colors. Any design is the performance of a specific task, the achievement of a specific goal. And, depending on this goal, the approach to design implementation may change.

Of course, there are general principles of harmony, the canons of each style, which we do not recommend to violate. And we will definitely tell you, if among your wishes there will be those that violate these principles. Especially if the public interior is in development. But for us, nevertheless, the main criterion is a satisfied customer, so if in your own living room you insist to mix all the styles together or, for example, paint the ceiling with black color, then we will do our best to submit these seemingly incorrect ideas as favorable ones.

Among the general recommendations on the materials, the following can be highlighted. If we are talking about the classic living room interior, try using stucco decorations on the ceiling and walls, furniture and decoration materials corresponding to the style. Modern living rooms, on the contrary, invite modern materials and technologies, such as stretch ceilings, sandblasting or printing instead of painting, furniture made of MDF instead of natural wood.

Living room decoration. Photo


Decor of the living room, as the final touch in its design, is also a very important stage. How much the interior looks сomplete, or vice versa is perceived as an unfinished book, depends on whether paintings, figurines or clock on the shelf are well-selected. Often, until all the small things are placed in their places, the room looks uninhabited.

Design of a hall  is a good test for the designer's professionalism. And these are the professional designers of Interior-Idea who will help you to plan, complete with furniture, select finishing materials, and choose the best option of the price-quality ratio. Feel free to contact us for an advice or design project through the contacts page.