January 2017
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Rating: Living room design with megapolis atmosphere 4.8 from 5. Rating : 6

Living room design with megapolis atmosphere

Project description

The idea of design: the atmosphere of the metropolis

Design concept: The task was to make a room for a young family with the necessary set of furniture. The living room turned out to be functional and with enough storage space. Coffee table is transformed into a dining. The brick surface stands out due to its structure and is an excellent backdrop for furniture and television equipment.

Object address: Cherkasy

Customers feedback

Сергей Б.
Очень понравилось, что цену можно узнать еще не обращаясь в агентство. Все пожелания были услышаны и дизайнеры добавили очень много интересных и практичных вещей.