June 2017
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Contemporary living room design with contrast colours

Project description

The idea of ​​contrasts of colors and materials was put into the design of the living room - the use of dark interior elements on a light background and vice versa. In the center of the composition, we identified a niche from the wallpaper, the remaining walls were covered with textured plaster under light concrete. By combining cabinet furniture into a single wall, which we put in the far part of the room from the soft corner, we made a generally minimalist room, not accumulated by interior elements. In the design we used original elements attracting special attention - this is an author's coffee table in the form of a puff design, an LED chandelier consisting of three suspended rings, a widescreen electric fireplace built into the furniture and a rather unusual glass and metal wall decor. An important role in our interior is played by a soft corner with a pair of colored pillows and a soft, high-wavy carpet.

Main materials used:
Caparol textured stucco for light concrete, Palermo soft corner by Zlatamebel, Milagro Ring LED chandelier, supported by Azzardo Bross lighting fixtures and a soft, high-pile carpet from Balta Group.

Object address: Mironovka in the Kiev region.