May 2019
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American-style living room and dining room

Project description

The idea of ​​design: "Mental conversations."

The main task is a cozy, warm place for hanging out a large friendly family and their guests.

The house we designed is residential.
The family has been living in it for a long time.
Already grown children.
It was decided to reschedule the space and arrange it in accordance with the current preferences.

American style implies a combination of different textures, colors, even "eras".
A modern sofa is perfectly adjacent to an antique bureau and a restored dresser, and a stained-glass floor lamp and wall lamp with loft chandeliers.
In the selection of furniture, we allowed ourselves a little "naughty", not tied to some specific parameters.
The main thing is that each item in this room is individual.
The central place in the living room is occupied by a fireplace, decorated quite succinctly, "loft".
He functionally and emotionally combines all the elements of the living room.

Having built a low partition, we not only solved the problem of placing the TV zone, but also separated the rest area from the dining area.
A large wooden table, comfortable chairs, beautiful curtains - will lure family members to gather here.

Main materials: Lighting - we didn’t use lights and spotlights.
We achieved sufficient lighting of the premises with a combination of chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps: Pikartlights, NOWODVORSKI chandeliers, floor lamps and Elstead, Interiors sconces.
As a wall decoration - painting in the color of Warm-Weib and Onyx 45 according to the Caparol 3D plus palette.
The flooring is parquet flooring American walnut Suite Kosvik.
Cabinet furniture and doors - MDF, metal, glass.
Furniture - TIZIANO sofa from NICOLINE; Hata by Miyazaki Chair Factory; dining chairs west elm Lenox Velvet; coffee table Loop.

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Designers feedback

Designer  Irina Azyazova
Irina Azyazova

Love this living room.
There are so many different little things about which you can talk for a long time.
My favorite is different doors.
There are many of them, they are of different shapes, colors, sizes and made of different materials.
But in combination with the furniture and the rest of the finish, they look very harmonious.
The ceiling is painted with semi-gloss paint and girded with a wide cornice.
The hostess played an active role in the design of the room.
She described all her preferences and wishes very clearly and in detail.
We discussed with her materials, colors, shapes.
I could only systematize all these wishes and bring them to life.

Despite the fact that the living room design turned out to be very bright and saturated with details, it evokes a feeling of comfort and warmth.
It seems to me that it will be nice to be here for many years and nothing will bother you.