September 2017
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Contemporary classic design of living room

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. "Modern classic"

The basis for the interior were incredibly beautiful classic wallpaper manufacturer Atlas Attitude with a diamond pattern. In addition to them, a delicate cream-lilac color scheme was selected. The brightest accent of the interior was a showcase for dishes with a place for a biofireplace. In style it is closer to art deco with mirror inserts and black edging, but in spite of the difference in style, this piece of furniture is perfectly combined with dark lamps and a TV stand.

Basic materials and furniture. Upholstered furniture, Livs collection of Olympus, wallpaper manufacturer Atlas Attitude, lamps and sconce Arte Lamp.

Designer's review. The design of a residential building assumed a numerous arrangement of columns throughout the apartment, which needed to be "painlessly" entered into the interior. So the idea was born to complete the construction of a symmetrical column on the other side of the opening and arrange the entrance to the living room with a carved portal with mirror inserts. The result was a beautiful front door. In general, it was very interesting to work on the living room project, since customers were not afraid to use non-ordinary colors and creative furniture in the interior.

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Customers feedback

Олена Б.
Дякую за проект. Бачення команди "Інтер'єр-Ідея" повністю задовольнило, навіть перевершило мое учікування.