August 2018
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Delicate and functional interior of the living room

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Project description

The idea of ​​design. Gentle and functional interior.

Concept. In a small one-room apartment there was a task to place the living room for guests and a bedroom with a full bed. Visually, the room is divided by a decorative partition made of MDF, which adds romance to the interior. Also it was necessary to provide a lot of storage space. Therefore, in the living room there is a large wardrobe, a large cabinet under the TV with open and closed shelves, as well as a wardrobe on the balcony. Since the interior was designed for a fragile and delicate girl, the color scheme was chosen gray-white with bright pink accents in the decor.

Main materials: In the living room-bedroom on the walls decorative plaster gray. On the floor laminate "HDM limited Edition V4" Oak Orient. Cabinet furniture made to order. Decorative partition MDF "ProForm PDA020". In the living room, it seems to be a niche, there is a small sofa “Blest Indy DL15" (color "PLAZA 455540070099"). Chair "SWAN W REPLICA". Coffee table "BASE MODULE (ash)". Carpet "Balta Ind Play 63204- 760 "

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Designers feedback

Designer  Darya Kuzmenko
Darya Kuzmenko An interesting job was done. The customer set the task for the room to have both a full living room and a full bedroom. After considering several options for placing furniture, this option was chosen. It was very pleasant to work with the customer, who fully trusted the designer.