May 2019
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The simplicity and ease of white with slight contrasts

Project description

The embodiment of the design concept.

Because the mistress of this house loves white color, the task of the designer was to create such a space in which he would play the first violin, and the other colors (gray and black) only perform the emphasizing and background role in this monochrome interior.

Different materials were used to give white walls structured: the 3d panels identified the main area with a sofa, light wooden wall paneling emphasized the greatness of the 6-meter ceiling, and white marble in the design of the fireplace gave it status.
The walls in the hall are specially painted in gray to separate it from the living rooms.

Small blotches of black help to zone this large space and focus on some details.


The main materials used in the interior.

Floor tiles - Almera Ceramica - Carrara GQW6321P porcelain tiles, pattern in the hall - MAYOLICA DISTRICT LINES BLACK 407509;

Sofa “PARMA Blanche”;

Floor lamp "MAYTONI 97237";

Chandelier “MAYTONI MOD334-PL-08-N Talia”;

Doors "Uno" firm "Papa Carlo";

Sconce “Nowodvorski 9710 HAGA”;

Poof in the hall "Rondi Mantis";

Belgian carpet "Play 63209-930";

3D-panel "Big Rock" company "Gipster".

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