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Private office design in loft style
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advice on a private office design

Office design

Office design

The chief's office, located in an apartment or private house, differs in design from the public office both in functionality and in external filling, since its purpose differs. Here, meetings are seldom held, and, even if the office is really used for permanent work, the atmosphere here is rather leisurely, home-like cozy. There is no influence of brands and strict primness.

Design of the office is rather a search for the mood that inspires the owner of this room to work.

As a result, the design of the home office may turn out to be in the format of respectable classic interior, that inspires a sense of success and solidity, or it will be light - for quiet work, or the interior will obtain gentle colors if its hostess feels more comfortable in such environment.

The location of the working table in the office depends on the nature of activity. If you work separately, and, besides, the office offers a beautiful view, place the table in front of the window. If relatives or other visitors spend time with you here, arrange the table so that you can sit facing people. But do not forget that if there is a window behind the back, then the light from it will be inconveniently reflected on the monitor or laptop screen.

Director's office design


Design of the chief's office in the apartment usually has the same "illnesses" as other rooms in the apartments: smaller area, the need to add other functions, since for all types of premises, again, there is not enough space. Also, often ceilings are lower in apartments, which leads to a smaller range of design opportunities.

It is hard to say where design is more difficult to carry out, in a house or an apartment. Since in limited conditions, on the one hand, it is more difficult to come up with something original, but, on the other hand, if the area does not allow, then the interior itself will not be overloaded with these elements, which eases the development.

It is well known that the development of the office design is a complex and not typical task, the completion of which is possible only for a professional designer, in which case all the components will be coordinated:

Office design
    • the dimensions of office furniture will correspond to the total area of ​​the room and the challenges that the host will deal with

    • the layout of furniture will be comfortable for work and communication

    • the color scheme will add energy and set for the working mode

    • and there will be no problems at the project implementation stage

  • and, above all, the result - your office - will look like you could not imagine.

Regardless the specifics of the task in your case, we will be able to propose the best variant of the office design. Contact us if you want your office to be convenient, beautiful and inspiring you the workflow.