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December 2016
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Loft style for home office

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Project description

Design idea: Loft using retro furniture

The idea of ​​the room is to emphasize the solidity of the room, but at the same time to make the room more domestic. If possible, use existing brick walls, which prompted us to use classic retro furniture. To increase the space used mirrors on the walls. Placing them horizontally, we visually reduced our room height. In the area of ​​the table, they added a 3d-panel with a classic pattern to the walls, which added to the office style of home comfort. The cabinet room harmoniously echoes the living room in the same style, therefore, the ceiling also used the suspended ceiling Grilyato.

The main materials used in the interior: Blanche "Sky" sofa; Retro furniture from Holland; Sconce POLAND 78360

Object address: Kiev