May 2018
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Modern office design

Project description

The style of the room - modern Singapore

Idea of ​​design - Bright accents

Design concept: The concept of the whole house - different countries of the world. Singapore, the city of the future and working turmoil, was chosen for the office. As a bright element was chosen blue sofa, which discharges the room. Just the blue color entered in the facade of the cabinet. The area near the window beat slats, which made the room unique.
At the window came a place to rest, where you can sit at the book or work with a laptop. And opposite the working area is a functional table with shelves, so that everything would be at hand. Also in the room is a wardrobe and open shelves for different documents.

The main materials used in the interior. Sofa “BLEST IndI DL12”; “Office chair Special4You Solano 2 artleather black“

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Customers feedback

Валентина Б.
Все понравилось! Дизайнер Алексей учёл все наши пожелания и внес свои предложения. В конечном результате получилось стильно и современно. Рекомендую "Интерьер Идею" для реализации самых оригинальных идей. Спасибо!

Designers feedback

Designer  Alexey Shvedenko
Alexey Shvedenko Modern office, which can serve as a zone of rest and privacy.