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About design of public premises

This section contains public interiors and rooms that do not belong to the standard premises of apartments and houses: swimming pools, billiard rooms, rest rooms, wine rooms, winter gardens. Although these premises are often located in private interiors


The development of interiors that are truly public is closely related to many areas of knowledge and requires the working out the solutions that often go beyond the designer's functions. 

In order to correctly set the task for the designer, the customer, depending on the type of room being developed, will need to make several important steps:

Competitor analysis
    • to pre-determine your marketing strategy and target audience

    • to assess competitors and learn your place in the market

    • to order necessary architectural and design developments

  • to get necessary permissions and documents

With this information, it will be possible to outline budget framework, the requirements for the functionality of the interior and to its style. Using this data, the designer will offer specific solutions.

Director's office design Restaurant design Reception designDesign of Ukrainian tomotherapy center’s hall


Before ordering restaurant design is better to estimate the approximate income level of potential guests

Let us give an example. Ordering restaurant design, it is better if the customer first determines his potential customers' income level, looks at existing restaurants in this region, orders an architectural project in which the layout of all rooms will be worked out according to existing fire, sanitary and other standards, comes up with the corporate style or at least the name of this establishment.

Having such basic information, the designer will be able to offer first general ideas, and subsequently the details of the design. If the preliminary work is not done, or its results are not announced to the designer, the process can go in the wrong direction, repair works are at risk of going beyond the previously planned budget, and the task set at the beginning can be changed by the customer in the development process. Such alterations are additional time spent on the development and additional money investments for the customer.

Fortunately, we have vast experience in designing public interiors and can tell you the best way to develop them.

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