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February 2019

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Design of a billiard club in Kiev
February 2019

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VIP-room in the billiards club
July 2016

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October 2012

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March 2012

Design concept. The interior of the club is designed in the style…

Billiard room design in classic style
September 2010

Billiard room design with an area for wine. Other billiard projects.

Billiard room with wine store
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advice on a billiard room design

Billiard room design

Billiard room design in billiard club

It makes more sense to order a design of a public billiard room, when this institution positions itself as an expensive club for people who come there to have a long unhurried rest in a comfortable environment. In this case, the cost of interior will be justified by the high cost of billiard services. For mass clients, and at low-cost services the traditional style of billiard room using wood, classic wallpaper and stone can be too expensive. Then designers can offer their ideas within the framework of the application of less expensive materials.

Unlike public billiard rooms, private ones are almost always a luxury item. You can draw a parallel with a collector's car, into which the owner can invest a lot of money, even if he/she will drive it very rarely or will not at all.


In terms of practice, first of all, attention should be drawn to the following:

    • Dimentions of billiard table. Even in seemingly large rooms, tables of smaller size are often placed than it was assumed "by eye". It should be taken into account that for a comfortable game on billiards, the distance from the sides to the walls should be somewhat bigger than the length of cue.

  • Floor and wall coverings and décor. It is advisable to use a special floor covering or carpet for billiard rooms. Other types of cover may not survive the fall of billiard balls. Walls, windows and, for example, TV-sets can also suffer from an active game.

Billiard room design is always an interesting work for the designer. 

Contact us, and we will gladly help to make it a zest of your interior.