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February 2019
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Design of a billiard club in Kiev

Project description

Design idea

“Elite Sport”

The concept of design and the main materials used in the interior.

Given the specifics of the room, you need to understand that most of the space will be occupied by billiard tables.
The planning solution was proposed based on the size of the tables themselves (12 and one 8-foot) and the level of comfort provided to visitors in the actual process of the game.

In addition, a sufficient amount of space was provided to accommodate the bar, tables for potential visitors who want to use the services of the kitchen, as well as armchairs and tables that will be located nearby the billiard tables and are intended for recreation of players and their friends.
Air hockey and table football were placed in the mini hall, as well as a comfortable sofa with tables for the convenience of playing.

The chosen room is a semi-basement in a residential building, in a residential area, therefore, it was necessary to provide sound insulation, water supply and sanitary communications.
Special attention was paid to ventilation communications, the placement of which under the ceiling significantly influenced the heights and visual perception of the room.
For the walls chosen wallpaper light colors, decorated with maps of moldings of different sizes.
For the floor chosen commercial carpet with high wear resistance of dark cherry color.
The lighting was divided into several groups: main (spot lighting throughout the room); directional lighting (above the tables); decorative (sconce over pictures and LED lights of the bar).

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