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June 2019

The idea of ​​design: "Dinner time." The main task - Comfortable, bright…

Dining room design for “Graphia Ukraine” of the “MM Pekedging” group in Cherkasy.
June 2019

Idea of ​​design: "Coffee pause". The main task is a modern, functional…

Modern functional buffet with a smoking room for "Graphics Ukraine"
September 2017

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Cozy in-house bar design
February 2017

Style: Provence Project: family cafe-pizzeria. Reconstruction of catering establishments in a cozy…

Family cafe-pizzeria design in provence style
August 2016

The idea of design. The style was chosen in the course of…

Cafe design for employees
November 2013

The embodiment of the design concept:Since this company is engaged in the…

Kitchen design in classic style for Orion-Glass company
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advice on a public canteen design

Canteen design

Canteen design

The possibilities of applying interesting solutions in interior design directly depend on the customer's financial capabilities. This applies to the design of canteens and public eating places as well.

It is obvious. It is also clear that financial investments in the repair of canteens are generally much lower than in the repair of cafes or restaurants. So is it worth ordering a canteen design, if this can lead to additional costs for the implementation of design solutions? If you order the right design, then it's worth it.

Canteen design


Most of the functional requirements for canteen design are similar to the restaurant design requirements: comfortable seat layout, their correct number, sufficient lighting, the use of reliable materials, etc. A good design of canteen is not always a large number of plasterboard forms and the use of expensive materials in decoration and furnishing.

But how to stand out in terms of design? First of all, one has to come up with a bright idea. Perhaps, well-chosen inexpensive furniture, accord of color of inexpensive paint on the walls and the same inexpensive tiles will create a fairly good combination. And an interesting light fixture on the flat ceiling, bright colors, and shape of the hanger will appeal to visitors and attract more attention than lamps with Swarovski crystals on a five-level ceiling.

Canteen design


Of course, more significant design solutions usually require more money, so one needs to be able to find a balance: the additional costs for repairs should be to the maximum noticeable in improving the atmosphere of the establishment. There is also a rule: it is better to do an effective repair with a minimum of design elements than unnecessarily use forms and colors, if there is no money for the high-quality implementation of these ideas.

Light color range, visual neatness and cleanliness are basic components of the correct perception of canteen. If this is fine, then visitors will pay more attention to the elements of the interior style.

Canteen design

Designer's task is to find the best solution. With a competent approach, the designer can, without changing the floor and ceiling, offer such a decoration that will completely transform the interior, at that the cost of such transformation will be minimal.

Sure, tight financial constraints affect and sometimes even make it difficult for the designer to work on the project. Nevertheless, a good designer is determined by the ability to achieve a better effect with a minimum budget than a weak designer will achieve with an unlimited budget.

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