November 2013
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Kitchen design in classic style for Orion-Glass company

Project description

The embodiment of the design concept:
Since this company is engaged in the production of glass and glassware, we were given the task of redeveloping the room: to tear down the wall between the kitchen and the corridor, and instead make a huge aquarium.
Therefore, each time dining or walking along the corridor, you can contemplate the incredible beauty of the underwater world.
This will help the company to demonstrate the features and diversity of its products, show a creative approach to the implementation of their projects and the power of their company.

The kitchen is designed only for the management team of the company - 16 seats.
The kitchen furniture has all the necessary appliances: built-in refrigerator and oven, hob, extractor, sink and microwave.

The main surfaces of all walls are covered with wood panels.

Since there were several longitudinal and transverse ceiling beams in the room; we divided the entire plane of the ceiling into several sections and covered it with gypsum plasterboard with a white plaster baguette.

At the request of the customer, all the tables are made as bar tables (1.10 m high).
The doors are made of frosted blue glass.

Of course, the main attraction of the kitchen are huge aquariums: their total length is 10 m, width 50 cm, and height 1.50 m.
It will be made of thick ultra clear glass to get the maximum effect when transferring the colors of the underwater world.
The aquarium is full of corals, tropical fish, starfish and other inhabitants of the deep sea.
For maintenance of aquariums, upper and lower wooden cabinets with sliding doors are provided.
It has all the necessary equipment: UV sterilizers, ozonizers, cooling systems, coolers, CO2 supply systems, double filtration and water changes with a pump, temperature regulators, etc.

The main materials used in the interior:

Wooden panels, glass bar tables, “BST 5245 (P)” chairs by “Paged Meble” made in Poland (460x480x790-1100 mm), gray tiles by “Venis” from the Madagascar collection (440x660 mm).

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Designers feedback

Designer  Gnatovskaya Irina
Gnatovskaya Irina

In this project there were no financial restrictions, which helped to realize my idea in full.
I tried to create a grand scenery, which can surprise.
Observing and contemplating water relaxes, adjusts to positive emotions, it becomes easy and pleasant to the soul.
Full harmony with yourself!